The Journey

Seated together at a table, Eric Arzubi and Reza Ghomi, the leaders and architects of Frontier Psychiatry, forged a bond rooted in their shared passion for psychiatric care. Together, they cultivated a vision full of unwavering dedication to providing care for the patients that needed them most; patients facing the seemingly insurmountable daily battle of accessing quality care for their mental health or addiction recovery needs.

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As seasoned psychiatrists, both Eric and Reza understood the profound suffering of individuals hindered from receiving the vital care they so desperately needed. Facing long waiting times, no access to psychiatrists for those in rural communities, and the suffocating red-tape of current healthcarefacilities; they watched many patients lose or give up their daily battle for long term mental health or addiction recovery.

In those integral moments at that fateful table, Eric and Reza decided to change the face of mental health and addiction treatment forever. They created Frontier Psychiatry as the telehealth solution to the mental health and addiction crisis facing America, with rural communities at the forefront of this evolution.

They decided to root for “the underdog,” the person who feels forgotten, unheard, and beat down.

They decided to give power back to those who feel powerless.

They decided to BE the change, not just talk about change.

Their first mission statement was to “make psychiatric care available to all Montanans by 2025.” After serving over 14,000 patients across 56 counties statewide, they were inspired by this accomplishment and the incredible feedback from their patients. With renewed inspiration and a drive to make a difference, they decided to introduce their telehealth solution to mental health and addiction recovery patients nationwide.

In the years since its inception, Frontier Psychiatry has curated a clinical team of like-minded professionals set on creating change for their patients. Whether a clinician, accountant, or insurance coordinator, each passionate team member tears up at the overall goal of this team; helping patients and ultimately saving lives.